Apothecary Bottles by Miron Glas

Data Sheet

Materials: Miron Glass

Apothecary 250ML  | Ø 7.1cm x 14cm | Ø2.8” x 5.5 “

Apothecary 500ML  | Ø 8.5cm x 17.4cm | Ø3.4” x 6.9 “

Apothecary 1L  | Ø 10.6cm x 20cm | Ø4.2” x 7.9 “

Apothecary 2L  | Ø 13.3cm x 24cm | Ø5.2” x 9.5 “

Made in Europe

Miron glass is a type of glass that has outstanding capabilities of preserving substances contained within for extended periods of time. Water, for example, has been kept fresh in violet miron glasses for over three years without any artificial preservation techniques being applied. Easily perishable foods have also been maintained for up to 3 weeks in miron glass.

Miron glass allows only violet, ultra-violet and infra-red rays to pass through it. It works as a natural filter blocking the complete spectral range of visible light with the exception of violet light. This unique property filters out the damaging range of light allowing only the beneficial light to penetrate. The valuable light improves the quality of substances in the bottle thus lengthening the durability and potency of premium and sensitive products without the addition of preservatives.