N4 | Bowl


 Data Sheet

Glaze: Unglazed

Materials: Porcelain

Size: Ø 24cm x 10.5cm | Ø 9.94" x 4.13"

Additional Sizes

N1 | Ø 6.5cm x 3cm | Ø 2.55" x 1.18"

N2 | Ø 11cm x 5.5cm | Ø 4.33" x 2.16"

N3 | Ø 17cm x 7cm | Ø 6.69" x 2.75"

N5 | Ø 29cm x 10cm | Ø 11.40" x 3.93"

N6 | Ø 35cm x 8m | Ø 13.77 x 3.14"

N7 | Ø 41.5cm x 9cm | Ø 16.33" x 3.14"

 Hand Crafted in Barcelona, Spain

Elegant, sober and strong: tableware for everyday use that is practical for cooking, beautiful at the table and easy to stack. Slightly uneven shapes reveal the natural warmth of handmade pieces, the textured surface awakens the sense of touch and gives an easy grip, and the small imperfections add the feel of craftsmanship. A durable tableware that embellishes with time and use.

Pieces are thrown using high firing porcelain, and the satin white glaze, made of thousands of microcrystals, almost imperceptible at the first look, adds a sparkle at the table. The pieces are made of porcelain, thrown on the electric wheel.