Black Jars

Data Sheet

Process: Raw Black Porcelain

Materials: Porcelain

01 | Jar | Ø 25cm x 24cm

02 | Jar | Ø 23 cm x 31 cm

 Hand Crafted in Barcelona, Spain

As I have mentioned to Mar, we are currently creating a new collection of Porcelain Pieces for Vincent Van Duysen | Dada Kitchen | Showroom in Vancouver.

We are working with very clean organic shapes, unglazed raw finishes in black porcelain. We would let Caterina draw inspiration from these Jar styles, and created her own version in raw black porcelain. These Jars would be of the same shape, and in two to three different volumes.

This style and shape is just a suggestions. Let me know if this would be something you would be interested for the photo shoot. We are also very open to your suggestions and other possible style inspirations.