Tabby Weave Throw

Data Sheet

Process: Tabby Weave

Warp: Mist Grey Baby Alpaca 

Weft: Dark Grey Baby Alpaca 


W141cm x L216cm | 55.5"W x 85"L

 Hand Crafted in the Monastery of Santa María de la Sierra, Segovia, Spain

Remarkably soft, this baby alpaca throw is designed with a classic herringbone weave. Finished  with a hand wash, and line dry, this piece provides exceptional warmth and softness. 


The creative process of ABBATTE products is slow and complex: requiring a high degree of skill, and dedication. First, we handpick the fibres and create a sample to see how they work together. We then separate the threads, arrange them parallel to each other, and tighten them on the loom (this makes the warp). Finally, we intertwine other threads over the parallel strands, slowly weaving them together to produce the desired textile. Once we finish the fabric, we cut, hand wash, and prepare each piece for the finishing touches.

ABBATTE’s headquarters are located in the Monastery of Santa María de la Sierra on the northern side of the Guadarrama mountains in Segovia, along the borders of a pine forest, and an oak wood. Dating back to the 13th century, it was built in the Cistercian style, during the architectural transition between the Romanesque and Gothic styles. The monastery was constructed on a site that was long venerated for being one of the most beautiful in the region. Disentailed in the 19th century, and eventually abandoned, over the years the property fell entirely into ruins until it had almost completely disappeared. What remained of the abbey, as well as the foundations of the monastery, have only recently been excavated and restored.

Additionally, we are cultivating a special garden on the grounds adjacent to the abbey in which specialised dyeing plants are grown as a result of their relationship with the textile world. The main goal of the garden is to spread the colouring use of these plants, which is not widely known, and to awaken an interest in botany. In addition to this, we aim to recover the “Rubia" tincture which has, at one time, enjoyed an important significance in Castille.