Caterina Roma first day of firing.

Wood preparation, placing the ceramics and sealing the Kiln, all of those are first actions done at a slow pace, it's almost meditative. There is a profound energy surrounding this important moment of the process, silently calmed, awaiting for the furious of the beast yet to come.


Dawn, preparing breakfast, letting the body slowly begin the day. Also, the kiln is awake, raising its temperature along twelve hours, building up and gathering the energy that will become alchemy in its pure essence. 


The next twelve hours will be of an energetic non stop feeding of the kiln, always controlling the raise of temperature, always feeling the increase of energy, slowly becoming one with the beast.

5:00 am.

When every sound is augmented by early hours silence, the Kiln´s roar, the fires warmth, the energy stream almost dragging your soul with it, a part of you travels, transforming itself in the very essence of the cosmos.


After 36 hours of intense exposure to the wood kiln´s energy, faces are equaly radiant and exausted. The Sunrises painting with strokes of light, reality before tinted with all sorts of fire shades. Great moment of accomplishmen, hard work and transcendence, you can´t avoid to feel that a part of you has taken off, compelle to think that, from the moment you began the experience, you are not the same.