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relationship with objects

art. values. inspiration.



As our name implies, MUSA was conceived with values of inspiration and creation. We find talent in Europe to connect sources of knowledge around the world to finally create something unique, with authentic value.

For us, experiences are everything. This is reflected in every step of our process: from the manner in which we approach our artists, to the way we present our work, and offer only the best to our collaborators -- all of the extra consideration that we put into every client ensures that we provide an outstanding and unique result each and every time.

This commitment to excellence and personalization is at the core of our values and is what makes us unique as curators.

For us, experiences are everything.
— musa
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design process

We go through a very exhaustive and thorough process of design, in which we work hand in hand with the best artisans and artists. Together, with their knowledge and our understanding of a modern lifestyle, we create every day pieces that become strong elements in our personal relationship with objects.







MUSA, also is curating a private collection of the most remarkable work done by European artisans and artists. This private collection it contains on one of a kind pieces impossible to reproduce due to the characteristics of its process in creation. This is the body of work of remarkable people with very strong particularities and approach to art and decorative elements filtered by us.