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This conceptual work is subtle and textured, the artist appeals to nature and implies a link to history.

Examining Lola’s Lichen Series, one perceives the erosive passing of time, which awakens a connection to the collective memory of our ancestors.

The shapes are intended to be pure and simple –  almost nonexistent – allowing the texture to speak for itself, finding a way between the soul of an everyday object and its transformation into a unique piece.





This is MUSA private collection, made out of the work of the artisan Lola. This collection has 11 clay pieces of the same technique but with unique finishes and tones. There are two different formats, large and small. The largest vessels sizes range from 60 to 20cm high, with diameters of 20 to 30cm. The smallest versions range from 10 to 15cm, with diameters of 10 to 15cm.