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Every piece is first hand thrown and naturally sun dried on the artist’s property in the famous winery area of Villafranca, Spain. Once dry, the artist applies a mixture of glazes and materials specially designed to crackle in the kiln. After firing at 1250 celsius, the artist intentionally damages the surface and repeats the process, this time changing the materials ever so slightly to once again achieve variations during the firing.

This process is repeated as many times as the artist feels is needed to achieve a final result.

The particularity of these pieces is how they express and evoke the passage of time. Parts of the cracked material will slowly detach from the surface, leaving some areas exposed. All of this is intentional and becomes an alluring feature over time, as the pieces change their textures and creates new and interesting nuances.

Hand Crafted in Barcelona, Spain

The Set Includes:

V3 | Ø21cm x 44cm | Ø8.3¨ x 17.33”

V4 | Ø8cm x 29cm | Ø3.14¨ x 11.4"

V11 | Ø12cm x 7cm | Ø4.72¨ x 2.75"

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