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By Cutipol



CUTIPOL select the finest raw materials to produce their flatware pieces. However, even the highest quality stainless steel  may stain if not properly taken care.

  • Avoid more acidic and abrasive detergents, which can cause unnecessary wear on the glazes. We recommend gentle, environmentally-friendly, detergents to maximize the life of your dishes.

  • Do not use harsh scrub pads to clean your flatware, as they may scratch the surface.

  • Be sure to wash off any food remains as soon as possible after use.

  • Make sure that at the end of dishwasher cycle the flatware pieces are completely dry. Hand dry them with a soft cloth, if still wet.

  • Minimize contact of the flatware with the dishwasher steam. Remove the cutlery from the dishwasher as soon as the cycle has finished and wipe each item with a dry soft cloth

  • Take extra care with knife blades. Knife blades are made of 420 steel to give them more cutting power and hardness. This means they are less resistant to oxidation . Make sure they are washed straight after use and well dried before putting them away.

  • In order to maintain the handles hydrated,  use a common use moisturizer lotion.



Goa is made of the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel, and brushed finished with white resin handles. Dishwasher safe, a 105 piece set for 12 guests .

Although modern machinery is now used for much of the initial work, traditional craftsmanship still plays a major role in the way the company produces cutlery.