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By Caterina


Rarely worked by hand due to its challenging nature, this collection has been totally handmade –thrown or hand built- giving it a slight wave and imperfect shape, adding a touch of warmth to this legendary icy material.

Glazed with a satin light white and fired to 1280ºC, porcelain is waterproof, harder and thus highly resistant to scratching, acids or heat.

In spite of its delicate appearance, these pieces are suitable for everyday use, oven and dishwasher safe.


Process: Wheel Thrown and Hand Build

Glaze: Satin Light White

Materials: Porcelain

Large Plate | Ø28cm | Ø 11”

Medium Pate | Ø22cm | Ø8.7”

Small Plate | Ø14cm | Ø5.5”

Bowl | Ø 17cm x 7.5cm | Ø 6.7" x 3"